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Session 2


"I say to you, rise, ...”

Mark 2:11 NABRE


1. To help everyone realize that although forgiven, there are still things in our lives that paralyze us.

2. To lead others to realize that humility is key to understanding and accepting who we are, which encompasses repentance.

3. To help us realize that God’s faithful love and mercy lead us to respond and rise to His call in love and trust.


1. As Christians, the more we draw closer to Jesus, the clearer we see our sins. Identifying what hinders us from rising to God’s call is essential. Seeing them clearly could either paralyze us or push us to fight the paralysis.

2. God always initiates the renewal and restoration of our covenant and relationship with Him, and it is through His grace that we can feel ashamed of our sins. Viewing this through the loving and merciful lens of God takes a lot of humility where we can detach from shame and persistently pursue in the hope of our own transformation in accordance with God’s will. Doing so gives us the ability to recognize that we are all equal in human weakness and without God’s Spirit we are incapable of internal freedom and forgiveness.

3. Embracing the gift of humility and forgiveness moves us to rise and respond to God’s invitation to love and mercy.

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