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"But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority to forgive sins on earth," he said to the paralytic, "I say to you, rise, pick up your mat, and go home."


Most people do not realize that at some point we got paralyzed. We stumble, we fall, and thus we got stuck at our weakest. On the contrary, some people were stuck in what they believed was the best life, committing sins over and over again. To break through is to admit that we are weak, we commit sins, and we refuse to move. To break through is to ask for help and surrender our weaknesses to the most powerful one. To break through is to make God our first source of strength. This might serve as a reminder that our biggest breakthrough is being able to conquer our paralysis.


As we make our way to the in-person SFC ICON to overcome the disconnection that the pandemic has brought us, we rise from the reality and struggles of the past with joyful anticipation. In this conference, we examine the paralytic’s complete trust in the Lord’s will, which resulted in the healing of his body and soul. In addition, the four men who carried him to the roof, broke it open, and lowered him where Jesus was, helped make the amazing miracle happen. Without asking, the man was forgiven and then healed. This year, we will focus on another factor that is connected to how Christ heals: FORGIVENESS. As Singles for Christ, we are being called to a BREAKTHROUGH. More than just focusing on our breakthrough as a ministry, we will be celebrating God’s breakthrough in our lives.

The first breakthrough we experienced was when Jesus redeemed us through His precious blood. Through Him, we are welcomed home into God’s loving presence. It is through embracing the truth that we are forgiven, which will bring us back to Him. When Christ became man, He demonstrated God’s humility and love to reach and be with us. We, too, are called to come to the Lord with all humility. It will lead us to repentance and healing. By doing these things, we’ll be able to rise from our mats.

Another breakthrough is when God embraces us amidst our imperfections. It shows the reality that our failures do not define us. Rather, we are defined by how God see us as a person, precious and loved. And so, we ought to be grateful for the grace and mercy of God. Finally, we look at God’s breakthrough in our families and community. We needeach other to stay on the path to holiness. From the story, it’s evident how God employed the paralytic’s friends to bring about his healing. We can learn that we are helpless if we live apart from others. When we live out our identities as SFC (I am Catholic, My Family is a Gift, and I am Missionary), we become a good womb in forming vocations and communities.

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